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Meet Dream Faith Publishing Authors 

And what they're saying


Terrikia Buchanan

 is a Minister, Mother, Mentor and Author.

Nothing but Greatness From beginning to end. The process was thorough & seamless. I'm completely satisfied with the beautiful illustrations & quick turnaround. Mrs. Wilson provided Excellent customer service & superseded all of my expectations. I Thank GOD for the connection & looking forward to producing many more books in the near future. 

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Alfreda Ragland

Author "Daddy's Little Princess"

Mrs. Carolyn Wilson is the sweetest. She's the owner of Dream Faith Publishing and she published my 3rd book "Daddy's Little Princess." Now she's giving back.  Thank you, Mrs. Carolyn for all you do, and I see Daddy's Little Princess being represented.  

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Patricia Corbitt

Author "Where Is Puggy?

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Carolyn, feel free to edit as needed. Thanks again, I really appreciate you!
I must say that it is a good, warm, fuzzy feeling when you find a publisher
who catches your vision when writing a book. Carolyn reproduced a work for
me that I had trouble getting into print. She immediately understood what I
had been through and reassured me that she would take care of me and
produce the quality work that I desired. The proof is in the pudding and
she did just that! She kept me updated, appreciated my concerns and my
opinions, then offered her professional opinion and expertise. She is very
meticulous and I appreciate that, because I am as well. I look forward to
working with her on the next projects and it is also good to have someone
who is local that you can meet face to face. Thanks Dream Faith Publishing,
                                           Patricia Corbitt, Author

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Pastor Centwane Daniel & 
Lady Kimberly Daniel

Authors " Fight That Devil On Another Level

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Fight That Devil On Another Level

Andreya Harris 
Author "I Am Loved And I Am Beautiful"

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