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Carolyn Wilson

 Carolyn Wilson was born and raised in Mississippi. She now resides in Alabama with her husband, who retired serving in the Armed Forces for over twenty plus years. Carolyn is not only a loving wife and author, she is also the eldest of six siblings, mother, and grandmother of seven. She believes family is everything. She relies on her faith in God to sustain her and keeps Him first and foremost in everything she does.

Carolyn felt obligated to write with a voice for all spouses, as well as military spouses, to remind them that they should never be so loyal to someone else that they forget to be loyal to their own ambitions, dreams, and self-care. This inspired her to write her first book titled "The Trials and Tribulations of a Military Spouse: The Recruiter." The book is about a military family that blends the celebrations, graduations, and life experiences stemming from their enduring love and belief in a higher power and remains intact through all the challenges they face. She also recently released in 2020, "The Heartache of a Grandmother". In correspondence to that book a Journal was written called, "Healing Heart Journal" which has been released and available for purchase. The children's book "Julie's Courage," is currently available for digital purchase at this time.  Paperback and hardcopy will be available soon.  She is currently working on  "When in Transition".   She will be completing two other books:, "Your Life is Not Your Own," and "The Challenges of a Marriage."

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