The Trials and Tribulations of A Military Spouse 

The Recruiter

The Trials and Tribulations of a Military Spouse is about a journey of love, unselfishness, trials, devotion, commitment, loyalty, longsuffering, and the joy and pain of falling in love. Throughout the story, the connecting strings that knit all the celebrations, graduations, and life experiences are love and the belief in a higher power.

The author encourages those spouses of military soldiers to always continue to support their spouse or significant other. Whenever you may feel isolated, unappreciated and even when you make sacrifices to ensure that your soldier is content, and the family is happy, just remember that you are not alone.

About The Author


Carolyn Wilson is an amazing person, she loves everyone she meets. She is a person who relies on her faith in God to sustain her. She keeps God first and foremost, in everything she does. She's the oldest of six siblings. Carolyn is not only a sister, she's a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. Carolyn resides in Alabama with her family. Carolyn has a heart of gold when it comes to helping others. She's very quiet and sometimes misunderstood. She believes family is everything. She admires her husband who served in the Armed Forces for over twenty plus years. This book wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Journey she shared with him. Carolyn also felt obligated to write with a voice for military spouses, as a reminder that they should never be so loyal to someone else that you forget to be loyal to your own ambitions, dreams, and self-care. Carolyn is currently working on another book called "The Heartache of a Grandmother." In the near future, she will be completing three other books: . "When in Transition;" "Your life is not your own;" and "The Challenges of a Marriage."


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